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This picture may be by Charley or Deane. Shown standing are Elizabeth Conley and Viki Griffin. Seated are Georgie Griffin, Helen Wight, Lloyd Pitts, Christy Lee, Shelby Conley and Jeffrey Pitts. The picture was taken in the upstairs hall duing a Christmas gathering at Guilford. The year may have been 1955.


This picture is dated 1955. The Christmas dinner table at Guilford. On the left is Dickie Griffin; behind him sipping from a teacup is Daniel E. Wight. At the head of the table is Dr. Charles H. Conley; on his right is his eldest child, Helen Abell Conley Wight. The young boy standing on the right is Henry Pitts. Just to the front if him is Douglas D. Hall then Brookie Lee and the man on the right is Charles Jones, son of Clara Bell Conley, sister of Charles Henry Conley and Edgar Thomas Conley.

Helen Wight Beale & Holly Beale



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