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Edgar Thomas Conley (1840-1862) killed at the Battle of Strasburg, Virginia. His body was never recovered. He was acting orderly for Gen. George H. Stuart near Winchester when last seen.
Edgar was the son of Thomas Young Conley and the brother of Charles William Conley, our ancestor.
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Thomas Y Conley gravestone
Gravestone in St. Mark's Cemetery, Fairland, Maryland
Edgar and Claire before Greenridge was rebuilt
Edgar and Claire before Greenridge was rebuilt. This may be original house.
Edgar and Claire sometime after retirement
Edgar and Claire sometime after retirement. Click image for enlargement.

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Reginald Geary Conley 1911-1986

Reg and Rebecca with Mary and Tim

Reg and Rebecca Conley with Tim and Mary

house where Reg's family lived

Mary with Greenridge in left background

Picture of Mary Conley with Greenridge in the left background and barn in center.


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